6868Founder, Brandon Antony

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my home and temple, B. Lifestyle Co., a space that I’ve been meticulously crafting for nearly a decade.

I’m Brandon Antony and for those of you that have followed my background, you may be aware of my career beginnings as a blogger and current profession as a Digital Strategist and Experience Curator for a string of high-profile brands and talent. When I’m not working, you can always guarantee that I’m enjoying life, soaking in its lessons, and taking in everything it has to offer. I’ve always wanted to create a lifestyle space to share and showcase some of my best advice, finds, and tips on living the sweetest life. From brands that I’m following, to my current interests and obsessions, or even my ever-changing skincare regimen, B. Lifestyle Co. will offer an intimate look at my journey in finding what makes my soul glow from head to toe.

With this space, I hope to create an experience that you all will live and love for many years to come. There’s so much to do, so let me go get started!

Get comfortable and stay while.

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